Scans of various drawings and lists I’ve produced throughout the project

The (almost) decorated doll’s house! Just the floor to lay over the freshly wired electrics :)

I began the tedious process of tiling the floors, painting the walls and also papering the chimney breasts. (hehehe breasts)
I used photo paper for the tiles, nice textured paper for the kitchen floor, paint samples for the walls and textured papers for the wall papers… 

I also went to see if my bathroom set had been fired and it had! The next stage was to glaze it and set that, which is now done. I have provided a little picture of how I would like it to be finished.

So on the first day back at college I decided to get straight down to the Woodwork work shop and ask if my house had been cut out yet. As I was waiting for my turn to get in the ever busy office, I was having a peep out the window and saw it in all its glory down by the CNC machine! WOO! So I asked when I could put it together, and Andy told me to give him an hour. When I returned, I found it like this! I then took it away to check the scale and start decorating :) how very exciting

The bed frame was made out of cut bits of garden wire and a shed load of Bostik.. It was very difficult to make and it still very wobbly!

For the Tv, I took the packaging from a VERY old set of cheap earrings, cut that into the frame. Got a bit of acetate from some christmassy box, and printed out the big bro logo and stuck in onto painted wood. Altogether: a tele!


Today I’ve been working out what I have left to do, and how i’m going to do it.

I found these lights online, which would be an easy solution to the lighting.


These are a string of tiny LED bulbs that I can string throughout the house through the holes available. perfect! 2 strings of 10 bulbs costs £12 al together.

I’ve also been thinking about a water pump and how it’s going to work. I think I’ll try and find a tiny weeny little pump like this tomorrow.

Keeping on top of organising the mess…